Assuming you know about Sozo, then what’s Sozo for Couples?

Some couples will have a Sozo for Couples as a check-up, just to make sure that there’s nothing missing in their relationship, others will have recognised that things between them aren’t as they should be and want to get to the root of the problem and deal with it. Sozo for Couples is designed for both these scenarios.

Sozo for Couples aims to help couples (we call them “guests”) to connect with each other as they share the experience of hearing Father God, Holy Spirit and Jesus salve the wounds and address the lies in the life of the person sitting next to them, the person they have each committed their life to. This shared experience, shared with each other and with God, is the catalyst for a new understanding of each other, an understanding that, with love, unblocks and releases the perceptions, judgements, hurts and lies that will have built up and bedevilled their relationship. What we know is that everyone who comes for ministry will be amazed at where the Holy Spirit takes them and overcome by the extraordinary depth of love that Father God has for his children. That’s the nature of Bethel Sozo, and that’s the nature of Sozo for Couples.

Sozo for Couples uses the Sozo toolkit, it is as quick, powerful and effective as Sozo.


Pastor Robert Muncy has provided a video testimonial about Sozo for Couples. In this he shares his perspective, as pastor and husband, of how Sozo for Couples impacted the congregation at The House of Praise for all Peoples (Greenwood, Delaware, DE 19950, USA). Please click here to view it on YouTube.