What is Sozo for Couples?

How does Sozo for Couples fit in with Bethel Sozo?

Sozo for Couples uses the Sozo tools developed by Dawna De Silva and Teresa Liebscher to help couples connect with God and find healing. You’ll need to be fully trained and released in Bethel Sozo before being able to do Couples’ Sozo.

Is Sozo for Couples only for Marriage?

Throughout the manual we tend to refer to marriage as being the relationship between the couples you’ll be seeing. It’s going to be up to you, your pastor, or whomever else you’re accountable to, to decide how far you want to stretch this. We would certainly encourage considering a Couples’ Sozo as part of marriage preparation.

Can anyone do Sozo for Couples?

Sozo for Couples follows the Financial Sozo model. In other words you should be members of an existing church based Bethel Sozo team and have had your own Sozo. Sozo for couples holds to the Bethel values of honour and grace so we would want all Sozo for Couples ministers to have had their own Sozo for Couples and to be in a healthy strong marriage as well as having attended a Sozo for Couples training. This is not to exclude those who are widowed, so long as theirs was a happy and fulfilling marriage, or divorced (see below).

Finally, your pastor or leadership team should support your bringing this additional ministry into your church.

Do I need experience of marriage counselling or coaching?

No, but it would help.

Do we need to be officially released?

Yes, in the same way that a church Bethel Sozo team has a first and then, if requested, second release.

I’m divorced but I want to see healthy marriages, can I still be involved?

This is something you need to work out with your Sozo team leader and pastor. We would encourage you to have worked through your own healing in this area before being involved.

My spouse supports me but doesn’t do Sozo, can I still do Sozo for Couples?

In this case we would hope that as one element of being ‘happily’ married a Sozo practitioner’s spouse would be prepared to receive and participate in a Couple’s Sozo if, by so doing, it releases that Sozoer into Sozo for Couple’s ministry. In essence, it seems to us honouring that a couple should be ministered to by someone who themselves has received ministry, whenever this is possible.

Do Sozo for Couples sessions have to be ministered by a married couple?

Preferably, yes. But accepting that it can sometimes be difficult to organise this then two people from your Sozo team who have been trained and released in doing Sozo for Couples will be acceptable.

Does a Sozo for Couples session have to be done by a man and a woman?

No. Since Sozo is about connecting with God and not with the people in the room a session does not have to be ministered by a man and a woman. Two men ministering would not be acceptable.

Is there a charge?

Whether you charge for a Sozo for Couples or even ask for a voluntary contribution is up to you and your church practice. In the UK we would recommend a contribution of between £30 and £50 per session for couples from outside your own church, i.e. after second release.

Should a couple have an individual Sozo before a Sozo for Couples?

We would highly recommend that the couple concerned have individual Sozos before coming as a couple. This should help to sort out at least some of the wounds and lies that will be extraneous to those at the heart of their Sozo for Couples.

How long is a session?

You should aim to allow 90 minutes for each session and aim at addressing one issue per session rather than trying to achieve perfection in one fell swoop.

Is Sozo for Couples complicated?

It’s important that you recognise and acknowledge your own ability as a Sozoer. Because you have two guests in front of you and you’re dealing with them both individually and then at the same time, Sozo for Couples calls for an extra degree of both social and Sozo ability.

If you have any other questions concerning Sozo for Couples email them to us and we’ll get back to you.