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One of the biggest choices we will ever make is the decision to get married.  Yet for most of us, apart from frantic months of wedding preparation, we do little to get ready for this huge commitment.

The Sozo for Couples’ team has now written a marriage preparation manual /guide called “Starting Out” aimed specifically at helping a couple prepare for marriage. We are passionate about people having great marriages but we don’t want to stop there, we want to help couples before they’re married, so they  get the best possible start!  If you, or a couple you know, would like to have marriage preparation done by the Sozo for Couples team then this is now possible!

Darrell and Anthea or Stuart or Liz  will lead a couple through a number of sessions that will explore the kind of issues they need to look at before making this big step. We do tailor made sessions and so how many we offer is dependent on each couple, although 6 would be a suggested minimum.

Each 90 minute marriage preparation session will cost £50.

If you are interested, contact Darrell and Anthea on [email protected]. or Liz and Stuart on [email protected] .

Reviews of Starting Out: Preparing for marriage:-

Starting Out is a very well thought out preparation guide for marriage. Each chapter introduces a key aspect of life together.

Remaining short and succinct, the chapters are not at all arduous to read. Yet they are full of practical wisdom, with the authors referring frankly to their own experiences. Each topic introduction is followed by questions that promote individual reflection and shared discussion. While the book is written from a Christian perspective and includes optional questions addressed towards God to promote inner healing, it is equally relevant to those with no faith. Those who take the time to go through this book – either on their own as a couple or with the support of trusted mentors – are likely to experience a healthier start to married life. Or they may even conclude they are not well matched, and spare themselves a great deal of avoidable heartache later.

Sheila Burton: UK Sozo Facilitator



I  wish something like this had been around for myself and for the couples that we have taken through pre-marriage courses over the years. I love the fact that this unique approach to marriage preparation combines ‘things to think about’ (Thought Stops)  within each area, with ‘Sozo Stops’, which of course are essential in all aspects of life!  Starting Out is an excellent resource to  prepare couples for marriage and one which I can see will be of great benefit. Also love the fact that the Postscript says ‘Make it FUN!’ I totally agree!

Jacqui Johnson: UK Sozo Facilitator


‘Foundations are vitally important in any new venture.  They are essential in a new marriage. ” Starting Out” is a wonderful tool to help a couple start to develop those foundations.  The questions are incisive and will help a couple talk about things that maybe they have not thought about.  The prayer encouragements are so helpful to lead a couple out of the mire of mistakes into a new freedom.  I pray that couples will use this resource and that church leaders will use it in their churches.’

Alan Kilpatrick: Church Leader

We would probably all agree that the decision to be joined in marriage is the most important decision we get to make in life apart from deciding to make Jesus Lord of our lives. Yet too few of us go into that life changing decision with our eyes wide open. Starting Out is packed with not just good information but carefully thought out narrative complemented by challenging questions that are intended to dig deep and start meaningful conversation. Bring in the essential element of inner healing and you have a powerful marriage manual that will set any reader up for success.

We would thoroughly recommend this manual to anyone who is contemplating marriage. It will help remove faulty foundations that create distorted expectations and make the marriage journey one of adventure and connection. And for those of you who have been married for a while, why not work through it and bring fresh perspective and refreshment to your relationship.


James and Jeanine Porter, church leaders.

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