Foundations Modules

Module 1

This module provides the biblical basis for marriage and then applies this to a series of practical topics. The module is suitable for anyone wanting to understand what biblical marriage is and grow in it.

The module also forms the first part of the training package for those who want to train for SfC ministry, and is therefore required learning for prospective SfC ministers.

The topics covered are:-

Session 1: What is a biblical marriage?

Session 2: Communication and dealing with confrontation

Session 3: Dealing with the Past

Session 4 : Honour, Purpose, Sexual intimacy and children

After purchasing this module you will be sent details on how to access the videos.

The module is taught by:-

Darrell and Anthea Cocup and Liz Gregg


Sozo for Couples foundations Module in Russian. Служение “Созо для Пар Модуль 1 – на русском языке

Module 2: Sozo for Couples training

Session 1: Sozo for Couples Process

Session 2: The Sozo for Couples Coaching and Tools

These modules can also be purchased together for a combined price – great value!

Sozo for Couples Foundation Module 2 in Russian Служение “Созо для Пар Модуль 2

These modules in Russian can be purchased for a combined price.

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