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“My husband and I have been happily married for 47 years. We thought we knew everything about one another but with the aid of our Couples Sozo, the Holy Spirit revealed some stuff that we were not aware of. Now we are better able to deal with those few issues because we know why the other person reacts that way. I wish we could of had Couples Sozo available to us when we were first married.”

“Tim and I had our first Sozo for couple recently and found it to be a very intimate, vulnerable and healing time. Neither of us was aware of any areas that particularly needed addressing, however Holy Spirit gently guided us to issues he wanted to heal and restore.
The session was sensitive and empowering, it felt a very safe place to be honest and open in.
Tim and I feel closer and actually feel, even after 32 years of marriage like we know each other a bit better.
I would highly recommend any couple to invest in this ministry to enhance their relationship.”
Sue and Tim Eldridge
Directors of Presence Ministries International and 
European Leaders Alliance ( ELA)

“Doing a couple’s SOZO was very powerful! We have been making the declarations over each other and it is amazing to experience the changes that have come along as a result. It was an
enriching time that continues to bear fruit for us! Things that have brought frustration through the years are giving way to the truth that we received during our SOZO. God is so GOOD!”

“Rob and I had no idea what to expect in our demo and certainly no idea what would come up in a full session. The amount of freedom and revelation that was given to us was just crazy good. Papa showed us areas that needed healing and WOW, is all we can say! Personally, I thought I loved Rob with an everlasting deep, cheesy love but after our session I now know that I love him even more. How is that even possible? I understand him more and he does me. It’s crazy good…that’s all we keep saying. And we’re the couple that folks look at and say, “We want what you have. We want our marriage to be just like yours.” So if people are saying that BEFORE our session, I can only imagine what they’ll be thinking and saying now that we’re walking in even a deeper understanding of our relationship and love. Whoa!”

“I think people think sozo is for when something is wrong. I think people think, you don’t go to sozo until something is falling apart in your life. And that is so untrue! I mean there was nothing wrong with us. But the level God took us to after sozo from where we were. It opened us up to a completely different part of our relationship that we wouldn’t have had without sozo. Knowing it’s not him seeking God on his own and me seeking God on my own and then talking about what we each got from God. It’s coming together as a couple and finding out who Mario and Adelle are to Christ. So do it! It’s worth it!”

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