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Sozo for Couples is a fledgling ministry with a huge job.

At a recent training session someone commented that marriage is under such attack in today’s world that what Sozo for Couples is doing is absolutely vital, and of course they’re right. A healthy marriage is the foundation for a healthy family, and a healthy family will produce strong children who know who and Whose they are. Those children hold the future for our faith and our countries.

If this is something that’s on your heart, why not join us?

Sozo for Couples receives no Church funding. Everything we do is as a result of the donations we receive from couples having a Couple’s Sozo or from Churches that invite us to do some training. There’s so much more we could do, offering more opportunities for couples who cannot donate for their ministry would be one thing. In our increasingly fatherless society there’s such a huge need for love filled stable families – but we’re not just asking for money, important though this is, we’re asking for partners who’ll carry us and those we interact with in prayer too, to the greater glory of God.

We’d love to hear from you, as a prayer partner, a financial supporter, or both! For UK donations we have a Stewardship Account, for those further afield we can take donations via this page in whatever currency, as a one-off or regular giving.

Whatever you decide, thank you for even visiting this page.

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