Want to do Sozo for Couples?

Now you’re talking! We would love every existing Sozo church to be able to offer Sozo for Couples alongside their current Sozo ministry, and of course we’d love every church that doesn’t have a Sozo team to have one!

We see Training and Mentoring as being distinct, with Training being open to all, but Mentoring being just for those who want to be released to lead Sozo for Couples sessions. So, if you’d like us to visit your church  for a Sozo for Couples information and training event, which could include a live demonstration we’d be happy to…contact us by email and we’ll be in touch to organise the details.

We have training videos available to buy in the shop but this doesnt replace the need for live training but can be a great supplement/ reminder alongside.

If, on the other hand, you’ve already decided that you’d like to incorporate Sozo for Couples in to your existing Sozo ministry your team will need both Training and Mentoring…with Mentoring only for those who have attended a Sozo for Couples training. Again, contact us by email to discuss Mentoring.

The Process

Both your church leadership and your Sozo team leader should support the introduction of Sozo for Couples ministry as an extra offering within your church. To be released to minister Sozo for Couples you will need to be part of a Sozo team tand have attended both the Basic and Advanced Sozo training, been released by your Sozo Facilitator to do Sozos and attended a Sozo for Couples training.

If you are married we would expect you to have your own Couple’s Sozo. We would hope that as one element of being ‘happily’ married a Sozo practitioner’s spouse would be prepared to receive and participate in a Couple’s Sozo if, by so doing, it releases that Sozoer into Sozo for Couple’s ministry. In essence, it seems to us honouring that a couple should be ministered to by someone who themselves has received ministry, whenever this is possible. It will be at the discretion of your team leader whether those who have been married should recieve Mentoring. We regret that those who have not been married will not be accepted for Mentoring.

Wherever possible those who intend to be Seconds should also receive mentoring and, if possible, have their own Couples’ Sozo.

Finally, as with any Sozo release, you will need to be observed leading two Sozo for Couples sessions to an acceptable standard before you will be released.

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