When we first started thinking about Sozo for Couples and how it would work we always had in our minds’ eye that it was going to be a blessing for… surprise, surprise… couples. Now whether those couples were going to be married or not was something that we felt wasn’t going to be important. Whether they were going to be of opposite sexes was something we could safely leave in the decision making hands of each Sozo team’s leaders or pastors, but what we never imagined is something that’s started to happen and which, when you think about it, is so obvious that it’s amazing it’s taken this long for the “Duh” moment to arrive… and it’s… Relational Sozo!

How this came about is a very simple but lovely story in itself. One of our US Sozo for Couples ministers had got fed up with the constant wrangling between her mother and her aunt, ladies who shared the same home. The elderly ladies were, no doubt gently, told to sit down and they agreed to let their daughter/niece do some God stuff with them. What transpired was that the relationship between the elder and younger sister had been one of deep mutual misunderstanding and hurt ever since they were children, and no-one was more surprised than them as Father God took them on their journey of understanding, reconciliation and healing. They probably don’t know what they’re going to do with themselves in future.

This leaves Sozo for Couples in a really exciting and interesting position because suddenly we have a ministry that allows Father God to talk into any disagreement or problem between two people, so long as they’re prepared to let Him do so. Quite how to introduce this new facet to Sozo for Couples is something we’re working on. We’re not going to be adding this extra dimension to the (soon to be updated) manual, but we will probably produce a booklet detailing how we see Relational Sozo working. Any thoughts or ideas very welcome

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