Everyone loves a testimony, and those of us who are Sozo for Couples facilitators love to hear from each other how our Couples’ Sozos have gone, what we’ve learned and, most important of all, how the couple were blessed by their Sozo. In this blog I’ve pulled together some of the reports that have appeared on our Sozo for Couples’ Facilitators’ WhatsApp and hope that you’ll get a feel for how this amazing Sozo offshoot works!

Let’s start with this feedback from a session in the USA:

It went very well. Each spouse watching the other having their mini Sozo was enlightening for them both. Watching their hearts open to each other because of their increased understanding was amazing. They were able to move to looking at each other and meeting the need to be heard by each other. They came up with a strategy (with Holy Spirit’s help) that was specific and possible. The light bulb of hope was so bright when they got up to leave. They both went on and on about how excited they were about getting to work in the time they had agreed to schedule together to get into deeper levels of communication. Clarity was huge!”

Here’s one from the UK:

Each of the couples we’ve worked with have been been so blessed hearing first hand their partner’s struggles/lies and then the truth as Father God revealed it. Tonight’s couple was all about trusting God, firstly with their relationship and then learning how to trust each other using what God had showed them”

And just one more:

In today’s SfC Father God was so gentle as He helped the wife to get down to the root of the rejection she was feeling and to walk through a beautiful time of forgiveness. As she did so we asked her to put her hand on and speak to her heart. At the same time her husband put his hand on his heart. After she had gone through the process of forgiveness we asked the husband how he was doing. He told us that he had been suffering from heartburn from the moment his wife had started forgiving, but that it had now gone. It was amazing to see the level of their connection with one another.”

We know that every couple who has received Sozo for Couples ministry has seen blessing and restoration in their relationship. Why not get in touch to find out more, either to receive a Couples’ Sozo or get involved as a practitioner.

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