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Our last blog mentioned the new Marriage Prep manual we’ve been working on. It’s not got a title of sorts, Starting Out and even a catchy sub-title A frank and searching guide through the questions to ask yourselves before saying “Yes!” We’re on a second edit at the moment and thinking of adding another chapter, on the subject of “Old Friends”, because, as some of you may know, there’s nothing that can get in the way of a new relationship than an old one!

Anyway, in this blog I want to spend a minute or two unpacking something that’s been fermenting gently in me. I write with the knowledge that the majority of, if not all, those who read this will have a Sozo basis to think from. As a start point let me take our normal description of Sozo as an inner healing and deliverance ministry. In the training the three of us do (that’s Anthea, Darrell and Liz) we’ve moved this description on a bit, because for the last few years we’ve been referring to it as a Communications ministry. Our job is to help our guests to be in direct communication with Father God, Holy Spirit and Jesus. It’s from that communication that healing comes. No communication, no healing.

What’s so obvious, but has only recently come to roost with me, is that communication without relationship just isn’t going to work, it’s not possible, so really Sozo is a ministry of relationship. Healing comes from hearing from God within the relationship we have with Hm and He with us. And there’s nothing more important than relationship. God is a relationship within Himself. Our primary task as humans is to love one another. You can’t love without relationship.

If Sozo is a ministry of relationship, where does that place Sozo for Couples? It places it at the very heart of God’s intention for us. Father God sent Jesus to explain the nature of love. He used marriage as the epitome of the relationship He wants us as His people, the Church, to have with Him. Loving, Godly marriages are His intention for us! Godly marriage is the example He’s chosen to exemplify the relationship He wants with us…and here’s Sozo for Couples saying to all that will listen, “Come and get it! Let’s get rid of all your individual baggage with a Sozo and then let’s get rid of the baggage holding back your marriage with a Couples’ Sozo!

There should be queues forming even now…

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