I’ve just finished the first draft of what will hopefully be the first addition to the Sozo for Couples’ suite of offers! Does that sound a bit grand? I’m not sure how else to describe it, so maybe it will help to tell you what we have in mind and what we’re trying to achieve with it…whatever its name will be.

You’re here because of your engagement with Sozo for Couples. Hopefully you’re here because you recognise that Christian marriage needs all the help it can get and that having a Sozo for Couples does for your marriage what a Sozo does for an individual…

Which is? That it allows a shaft of Father God’s light to beam in to one’s very deepest being to expose the wounds and lies that hold you back from full relationship with Him and,therefore, the ability to walk into the fullness of your Godly destiny.

And Sozo for Couples? I suppose you could say that Sozo for Couples allows a shaft of Father God’s light to beam into each of the couple’s deepest beings to expose the wounds and lies holding them back from a full relationship to each other. We sozo the marriage, which is why we ask our couples to have individual Sozos within the six months prior to their Couples’ Sozo…

Why all this detail? Well, by the time a couple comes for a Sozo for Couples’ they’re usually married, and our start point for this new offer of ours is that it would be so much better if couples came for a Sozo for Couples’ before they got married as part of their Marriage Preparation. What we need is something to encourage them to do precisely that, et viola, our soon to be released Sozo for Couples-to-be…not that that’s it’s name, but you get the idea.

What we’ve written is a workbook. She’ll have a copy, so will he. There are chapters on all the subjects that need to be covered, communications, arguing well, sex, children, families, finances, boundaries etc., but then there are Thought Stops!, questions for each of them to answer before discussing their answers together and, more important, Sozo Stops! opportunities for them to each ask Father God questions about an aspect of their relationship together. We believe that it’s vital for a new couple to hear from God and to get His views and thoughts not just on their relationship but the constituent elements of their relationship. We want Christian couples to know why God has put them together, to have a purpose for their marriage, to have His blessing before that moment of final commitment. We hope that Sozo for (New) Couples will do that.

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