It’s been a month or more since our last Sozo for Couples’ blog and I’ve been trying to think of a way to tie what I want to mention in with Couples’ Sozo. The link, such as it is, is tenuous, so forgive me…

I make the assumption that most, if not all, the people who read this will be involved in Sozo, probably either as Firsts or Seconds. This being the case you’ll know that during a Sozo the Second writes down all the good things that the Sozo guest has heard during the course of the session and that these are presented to the guest before they leave. In our team we encourage the guest to rewrite the truths in their own hand, adding anything else they remember from their Sozo to the narrative, and then to use these as the basis for their declarations and prayers over the coming weeks. In essence we then bid them a fond farewell and, especially if they’re not from our own church, that’s the last we hear from them, unless they send in the feedback form they’re all given.

And I’ve always wondered what happened next. Whether they actually do the homework or if, after a day or two, they tuck their truths into their Bible and slip back into life, their healing having taken place during the session more than after it. Certainly the feedback we get would suggest this. It shouldn’t be like this, should it? Their session should only be the start, those truths should only be the foundations on which full healing is built, and that’s why I’ve written Wonderfully Free…no going back! as a follow-up to a person’s Sozo.

In essence WF is a 31-day devotional journal. It starts with the suggestion that the reader writes in their memories, reflections and truths and then, each day there’s a short blog type piece on a Sozo subject, a couple of readings, with room for the reader to write in the particular translation they like, some Sozo type questions for the reader to ask the Godhead about and a short prayer to finish with.

The subjects covered in the first 10 days or so are:

Day 1: Spending Time with The Godhead

Day 2: Hearing, Sensing, Seeing and Believing

Day 3: Sharing Your Walk

Day 4: Journaling

Day 5: Declarations

Day 6: The Role of Father God

Day 7: Accepting Holy Spirit

            Day 8: It’s All About Jesus

Day 9: Who Are You? Whose Are You?

Day 10: Carrying Emotional Baggage

I’m sure you get the picture!

Why am I telling you all of this? Because the feedback already being received is telling us that WF is really helping Sozo guests to walk out their Sozos. It’s giving them something to work with, a framework on which to hang their post-sozo prayer time. Most importantly it’s helping them understand what happened in their Sozos, the revelations they were given and how to make these make a difference in their lives…

In the UK you can purchase a copy by visiting

Further afield you’ll be better off buying from Amazon.

The Ebook is on the way.

And if you want several copies, get in touch with me directly.

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