What does happiness look like to you? Communications, Part One

Is it sitting on a beach, reading a good book, sharing time with a loved one, or maybe it’s driving a vintage car up an impossibly steep and muddy hill (that would be me then…), for each of us happiness can look just a little different.

How about in marriage? What does happiness look like for you, and what does it look like for your spouse? Are you in agreement as to what happiness looks like for you both, and what’s your basis for deciding what happiness is?

You see, for many couples happiness, whatever that looks like, is the destination for their relationship. “We want to be happy” they’ll tell you. “Marriage is all about being happy” they’ll say…but what does that look like?? What’s the journey? Will one person’s “happy” be the other’s “I’m bored”?

Love, of course, is vital. We fall in love with each other, we’re amazed how how much we have in common, and love the differences too, chasms of potential misunderstanding become loveable quirks, and that’s as it should be, but what then, when the bright lights fade and normality kicks in?

Many couples settle for individual interests, he does his thing, she does hers and the kids are somehow fall between the two. Many couples have a shared interest that helps to draw them together, but shouldn’t there be something deeper?  How about vision? How about purpose? If I don’t know, let alone share, my spouse’s purpose in life how can we share a vision, how can we both be on the same page, aiming towards the same goal.

We’d suggest that shared purpose and vision is the foundation to a happy marriage. Our values, the way we do life will flow from that vision. If our vision is to be passionate about God then our values will ensure we live our lives accordingly. So, have you guys shared your purpose and vision recently?

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